Thursday, 7 March 2013

Petrous Moldovan Opens a Franchise Restaurant In New York

The very talented French chef Petrous Moldovan is proud to announce the openiPetrous Moldovanng of a new franchise restaurant located in the heart of New York City. Coming from a culinary background in fine-dining and more casual restaurants,  has years of experience and knowledge under his belt. With the help of his brother, Brice Moldovan, Petrous Moldovan was able to open his own franchise of the New York Burger Company. Brice and Petrous Moldovan’s parents had their own brasserie in their small town in France, and now Brice and Petrous are happy to say they have one as well.

Always having a passion for the restaurant industry, Petrous Moldovan knew that opening his own restaurant would change his life for the better. And as a franchise, it is no doubt just a stepping stone to his own original restaurant someday. So when the time was right, Petrous Moldovan and Brice Moldovan bought a mid-size space and transformed it into the successful upscale burger joint it is now. PetrousMoldovan’s burgers at New York Burger Company are known to be absolutely amazing and delicious. Using fresh meat, buns and ingredients, Petrous Moldovan’s burgers will never disappoint.

When opening the New York Burger Company franchise, Petrous Moldovan and his brother aimed towards serving more of an average-income based clientele rather than a luxury fine dining restaurant. However, all different types of customers visit the New York Burger Company to enjoy the tasteful and freshly prepared burgers. Petrous Moldovan is glad that the menu at the New York Burger company appeals to all individuals by offering traditional burgers, turkey burgers, vegetarian burgers, mini burgers and more.

Petrous Moldovan and his brother, Brice Moldovan have high hopes for their restaurant and are excited to serve each and every individual that walks through their doors. If you find yourself wondering the streets of New York hungry, you are in good hands at the New York Burger Company franchise restaurant owned by Petrous Moldovan and Brice Moldovan.


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